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Fans pumped for tainted milestone as Sheffield reaches 500 HRs during steroid era...
**So are you angry at this entire era or just at players playing for teams against your beloved team?
**I contend that the steroids are really only helping these "cheaters" stay healthy. Guys still need the skill to hit the round ball with a round bat 300 + feet 500 times..
**I could care less what these guys put in their body, I just want to see the ball fly, and see my team, or the team that I bet on, win. And I think most honest folks feel the same way....
**Every era of baseball has skeletons in closet (no minorities, greenies, cocaine era, different heights of the mound, and steroids). Cheating has always been part of the game.
** Have you ever seen a pitcher position his right foot a few inches in front of the rubber to gain an edge? It's shortening the distance between the mound and the plate. A former pro pitcher told me he did that as often as he could.
** They say cheating is never acceptable, and yet, knowledgeable baseball people will tell you cheating has always been a part of the game. Stealing signs is cheating, but, it's done on all levels. So, is it true that stealing signs is never acceptable? Or is it acceptable as long as you don't get caught, which has been the mantra in baseball for as long as they've been playing the sport.

Reports: Tyler to skip senior year

**You can take this from either side....tell the Euros to back off and this is wrong....or if someone is willing to pay you for your talents no matter what your age you have to go do it. Look at child actors and musicians..... (guest Sonny Vaccaro!!)
**You can serve our country in the military at 18, but you can't serve in the NBA at 18. How does that make sense?
**Jeremy Taylor's father supports his son's decision to leave high school to play professionally in Europe before he's eligible for the NBA. Is Taylor's father an irresponsible parent?
**What is the purpose of making this kid wait 2 years to play in the NBA?

**Back up QB's in the NFL

**Titans' Vince Young vows to 'to smile and shut up' in backup role
**Is Young the ulitmate team player or the ultimate mercinary athlete who's only in the sport to make a buck? He admits he's getting paid a ton of cash to sit on the bench.
**Is there anything wrong with an athlete saying he has a pretty good gig earning millions of dollars a year for holding a clipboard? Should we appreciate his honesty?

***Does the 'N' in ESPN stand for Northeast?

**Tough to argue it does not..this will tick off the locals.....
**ESPN Sr. VP Vince Doria says the Yankees and Red Sox outrate west coast teams even in west coast tv markets. There are two reasons for this. One, most of the time the Yankees and Red Sox play in the eastern time zone, which means their games begin at 4:30 on the west coast. Not exactly prime time. And two, west coast fans only pretend to like sports. Sports is a religion on the east coast, while it's a social gathering on the west coast.

**Now It's the Community Giving Back to Dukes FINED by Nationals for being late, he was talking to Little Leaguers...


**How pathetic is Dukes? The guy earns over $400,000 a year and he not only charges the little leaguers $500 for his ''charity'' work, but he supports the little leaguer's decison to raise money for his $500 fine. He deserves to play on the Nationals. Major leaguers should give back to the community and hanging out with little leaguers for an hour is a wonderful way of showing the community that you care. He should have been fined by the Nationals for being late for a game and for being unwilling to ''donate'' an hour of his time to the next generation.

***Does Tiger deserve down time????

**I contend that over a 2 year stretch Tiger and all the tour pros have to play in every event on tour at least once, unless of course MAJOR injury..... Does Tiger really need down time because he walks 4 miles a day playing golf?

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