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What is USSportspages.com?
    USSportspages.com started in the spring of 1997 as a collection of direct links to the sports sections of the major papers in the U.S. -- those in and around cities with major league professional teams. The idea of founder Rich Johnson was (and still is) to save a few clicks getting to the best sources for sports news: The local writers in local papers.
    From there, we created more collections of links: Columnists, team coverage pages, broadcast sites, Web sites and tools to help professional sports journalists.

What if I lose my password?
    No problem! Just Click Here and enter your email and it will soon arrive in your mailbox. If you continue to have problems, send an email to: contact@ussportspages.com

What happens when I click on a link?
    Once you choose a story or a paper or a writer and click the link in USSportspages.com, you go to that site. You're no longer on the USSportspages.com site. If the site doesn't load, or the material is three days old or is otherwise unacceptable, it's the responsibility of the site.

Why isn't there a link to my favorite columnist?
    It depends on each paper. We can only put up columnist links when the paper gives it writers a consistent URL (Web address). Some of the biggest papers, like New York City's two tabloids, don't do this - so no links to Mike Lupica and Phil Mushnick.
    Other papers, like the Washington Post, have a consistent URL for a 'columnists' page -- but then each writer's work has a date-specific URL. So you'll have to go to that common columnists page, then scroll down to the writer you want, then go to his/her archive page, then to the individual article.
    The Chicago Sun-Times' system is the best for us: A single URL for each writer. At that address is a list of the last several columns done by that writer. But in the end, it's up to each paper.

What is your relationship with the newspapers?
    Strictly friends. We've developed many nice online relationships with writers, editors and webmasters, and we encourage you to write! But we have no formal deals with any newspapers or newspapers chains. We're outside and independent.
    We don't 'frame' other sites within USSportspages.com, so there are no restrictions on what sites we post. A couple of USSportspages.com imitators have cut deals with some papers to include a frame. But many of the largest papers refuse such deals. If you see a site with framed lists, look for the papers that are NOT there.

What is the Daily Link Service?
    The USSportspages.com Daily Link Service (DLS) is our take on the best sports journalism of the day -- not the everyday game stories, but the personality profiles, exclusives, notebooks, opinion pieces and major issue coverage in newspapers in the U.S. and around the world.
    As Rich created the links, he used them. In surfing around the country, he found interesting articles -- pieces that went beyond game stories. He decided to post links to those interesting stories at the top of the USSportspages.com front page.
    In the summer of '98, Rich entered into a partnership with nationally-known sports radio programming consultant Rick Scott to make Rich's occasional story surfing-and-linking into a subscription service.

Cancellation policy:

All subscriptions will automatically renew unless the client notifies the owners of ussportspages.com via email that he or she would like to cancel, prior to the expiration date of the subscription.  If proper notification is not made and the card is processed, the client may be responsible for a $30 charge if he or she elects to cancel following the renewal.

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